Bitcoin Metal

Bitcoin Metal is a non profit organization focused on peer-to-peer network blockchain technology. We solve many problems on a decentralized platform that the current centralized system is facing. Holders of Bitcoin Metal makes the peer-to-peer blockchain faster and build up a strong community. 21 million Bitcoin Metal tokens will be mined. For each Bitcoin you are holding you will receive the same amount of Bitcoin Metal. Our goal is to make the blockchain faster and stronger using our own community.


Total distribution

21 million Bitcoin Metal tokens

Free airdrops

Bitcoin holders receive free Bitcoin Metal tokens


1 BTC will give you 1 BTCM


Bitcoin Metal does not allow pre-mining


2018 01-06 the fork will start once it reached the block height

2018 Q1 wallet is online

2018 Q2 extra security layer on the BTCM wallet

2018 Q3 hit the major exchanges

Community members who join our wallet before 01-06 receive something as a bonus


The only official wallet for BTCM will be on our own website!

To avoid scam wallets and fake websites we created our own secure platform.

We will NEVER ask you to insert your private keys for your bitcoins, because we focus on security and liability on our platform.

After the hardfork you can download our desktop wallet if you still want to claim your BTCM using your private keys.

(The link for the desktop wallet will be available after 01-06-2018 in this section on the website).

Start using Bitcoin Metal (BTCM) online wallet today!

Our online wallet support Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Metal (BTCM) currency.


Q: Why another hardfork? Why should we use Bitcoin Metal (BTCM)?

A: Bitcoin Metal (BTCM) is very fast and secure, because the wallet will be on our platform.
The private keys will not be in our database even if our website or database is hacked.
In this way there will be no fake wallet or scam website, because other wallets should not exist.

Q: How many tokens will be available for Bitcoin Metal (BTCM)?

A: The hardfork is based on the original BTC blockchain and will contain 21 million tokens.

Q: Why do we need Bitcoin Metal (BTCM)?

A: Bitcoin Metal will be like the normal BTC, because we used the same blockchain technology,
but we added some extra security layers on top of it and our miners can use more CPU power to mine Bitcoin Metal.
The transactions are safe and very fast.
Our platform is very stable, strong and secure.

Q: When will the Bitcoin Metal (BTCM) wallet become available?

A: You can use it now by visiting our url:

Q: When can i claim my BTCM tokens?

A: When you upload BTC to your unique BTCM wallet you will receive free BTCM based on your BTC value.
Example: if you send 0.1 BTC to your own unique wallet on BTCM platform you will receive 0.1 BTCM.
After 01-06-2018 you can start using your BTCM tokens.
The split will be done automatically.

Q: Can i get my private key when i created my unique wallet on Bitcoin Metal (BTCM) platform?

A: Yes this will be possible and it is planned on our roadmap for Q3 to create a special feature for this.
Currently not, because we will not store them in our database.

Q: Which exchange are you listed on and when can i expect it?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to reveal the exchanges that we are going to be listed on, because of the contract and regulation.


If you would like to get in touch with us, please us the email address below: